Jupiter rats is a non-profit rattery based in East London and registered with the National Fancy Rat Society (NFRS). All the rats at Jupiter are primarily pets that live indoors in large suitable cages. They have a varied diet including pasta, cereals, fruit and vegetables and appropriate litter(Megazorb) that is changed twice a week. Whilst we have several varieties of fancy rats as pets, we currently only breed Topaz and Agouti in top ear with smooth coats from healthy parents that meet high-quality standards.

Meet the rats

There are a range of Bucks and Does at Jupiter and while some are used for breeding they are all great pets.

See our awards

The rats at Jupiter have won several awards at NFRS shows including Best Stud Buck and Best Topaz

Enquire about kittens

Jupiter rats aims to breed healthy and happy rats and sometimes has kittens available for pet homes

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